We value our every customer! Therefore, you can always get any advice from our management on all issues regarding procurement, terms and delivery time specifically for you!

Company goals and principles

The purpose of the company is to offer the wholesale and retail buyers quality products at affordable prices directly from the manufacturer. We are interested in long-term cooperation and offer our customers a flexible pricing policy. Equally important for Vennal Limited are reliable relationships with new suppliers-the company’s management is always ready for a productive dialogue with potential partners.

The main marketing objective of our company is to increase sales in the following European countries:

  • Hungary;
  • Poland;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Germany;
  • Belgium;
  • The Netherlands.

The main areas of Vennal Limited trade are concentrated in the following areas:

  • building materials (finishing materials, floorboards, reinforced plastic pipes, etc.);
  • hand-held construction tools (grinders, drills, drills, woodworking tools, etc.);
  • water pumps (pipes, fittings, adapters and accessories);
  • television and video equipment (consoles, cables, antennas, components, etc.);
  • household appliances (lamps and sterilizers for manicure, LED lamps, other lighting devices);
  • products for home and family (kitchen appliances, dishes, children’s toys, car seats, holiday sets, etc.);
  • goods for outdoor activities (bicycles, scooters, accessories for them);
  • agricultural products (cereals, refined and unrefined sunflower, soybean, rapeseed oil).

Purchases of all categories of goods are carried out directly from their manufacturers, which allows us to reduce the cost of supplying products. This affects the price of offers-our customers can purchase them at an affordable cost, which attracts medium and small local retailers in all Vennal Limited sales regions.

Cooperation with our company allows us to facilitate the work of all our partners – customers. With our help, you can get the products you need directly from the manufacturer, without extra charges and significant
time consuming.